Sukkur Barrage, Sindh, Pakistan


Sukkur is an old city in Sindh province of Pakistan. The west bank of the Indus houses this city. The city was awarded the...
Snow on Mountains of Quetta


Quetta is called the fruit basket of Pakistan. It is simple and border town in Baluchistan, a province of Pakistan with the greatest area. Its...


Moving towards Chillam village, Deosai Plains, Skardu


Way of Kalash Valley, Chitral, Pakistan

Kalash Valley

Kalash or Kalasha are ethnic people who live in isolated Bumboret, Rumbor and Birir valleys in southern Hindukush gorges in present day Chitral in...
Aerial View of Khwazakhela, a Village in Swat Valley

Swat Valley, Switzerland of the East

Swat is a river valley and so beautiful that it is called Switzerland of the East. The upper valley of River Swat constitutes this...
Shining Day in Kalam


Kalam is Paradise on Earth. Trout is another distinction of Kalam. Besides, this tourist heaven is the jewel of Swat Valley. Kalam is the...


Patriata Murree


Patriata or New Murree is a worth visiting hill station in Pakistan. Oak and chestnut trees are the typical features of this defunct Little England....
Chaukhandi Tombs, Sindh, Pakistan


Sindh or Sind borrows its name from the Indus River that meanders through its plains. It is this river that distinguished it with the perhaps...
Ghora Gali, Pakistan

Ghora Gali

The hill station of Ghora Gali is 5,000 feet high from the sea level. It falls within the purview of Murree sub-district. The pleasant climate...


Chihuahuan Desert

What is a Desert

The word desert is derived from the Latin word desertum, which means "abandoned." Although there are various ways to define desert, the widely used...
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